2016 is here.

It’s a whole New Year with many new dreams. Writers are excited to embark on their next writing project. Readers look forward to reading something ‘new’.

It’s the same old story. But, is it really?

Writing takes away everything. Energy, time, passion. It also brings along other things. Fatigue, panic and uncertainty. But, it’s not the same thing, not the same story and not even the same way of doing things. Each year, a writer grows and changes, thus.

Reading becomes critical with each passing day. It produces feelings of ineptness and want. It forces us to accept that we know next to nothing. Each year, it gets harder to read ‘difficult’ stuff, which is usually referred to as Literary Writing.

If writing is still a very hard job for writers and readers still feel guilty of buying books they exhibit in their personal one-shelf home-libraries, there must be something to this whole business of writing and reading books, isn’t it?

In 2016, I don’t know about you, but I am ready to write some awesome love stories for you, straight from the heart. If you’ve read my first collection of short stories, Vices of Eden, you would possibly enjoy the new collection as well. But, unlike Vices of Eden, this one will be just five longish stories.

Recently, a man asked me, ‘Why are your stories only focused on women?’

I said, ‘Because I am a woman.’

The man was quizzical, but he didn’t pursue the discussion. I thought about it later. My answer was silly. It’s true that I enjoy writing from a woman’s perspective, but only because I’m a woman and I believe women all over the world today are more empowered and able to make themselves heard. I hear more of their stories. My stories tend to reflect that in the context of our daily life.

It doesn’t mean, I don’t want to write with male protagonists. I just haven’t found an outstanding male character in my imaginary or real world. But, just to be clear, I’m excited about exploring one in my first novel, which is in the development stage.

So, more power to 2016! Let’s dazzle ourselves and the rest of the world together…one writer and one reader, at a time.

And the men are welcome to join in the fun.