Arpita Bhawal AuthorMeet the Author

Arpita Bhawal is an author, blogger and guest columnist based out of India. Her first published short story, ‘The Birthday Party’, was part of the anthology “The Shrinking Woman and Other Stories” by Unison Publishers in 2009. In 2011,  Arpita was invited by a local afternoon newspaper in Hyderabad (Postnoon) to write a column on the urban diaspora and the pressures of leading a city life.  Her column, Quirky-Side-Up, was an instantaneous hit with people for its humor and dry wit. Some of those articles are now on this website in the Blog section.

Arpita focuses on urban fiction. She writes about human relationships, flawed heroes, unusual incidents and the ever-changing landscape of life. Her keen interest in unexplained phenomena and the occult has resulted in her penning a few supernatural stories as well. Arpita became a writer because she believes the world needs more stories – not only to bring about a better understanding of ourselves and others, but also in effect, to be the change which we wish to see around us through our thoughts and ideas.

Vices of Eden is Arpita’s first anthology of short stories which explores the complex and conflicting relationships of 11 urban women. Themed after the Seven Deadly Sins and the Last Four Things, Vices of Eden is based on several true stories. Presently,  Arpita is working on a second anthology of short stories, Virtues of Eden, a complement to the first collection, which is scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2016.  Arpita is currently working on her first novel; she hopes to share a step-by-step account of her experience of writing it with readers and aspiring writers.

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