Short Stories by Arpita Bhawal

Vices of Eden (genre women’s fiction) is a collection of contemporary short stories.

Vices of Eden (genre women’s fiction) is Arpita Bhawal’s debut collection of contemporary short stories. It was previewed this year at the two prestigious Book Fairs of India: New Delhi World Book Fair (January) and International Kolkata Book Fair (February).

Themed after the Seven Deadly Sins and the Last Four Things, readers have found Vices of Eden to be different and interesting.  Each story is based on one of the Seven Sins or one of the Last Four Things. It reveals the deep conflict a woman faces while making hard choices in her life, challenging the definition of right and wrong.

A young woman, who can smell dead people, desperately seeks recognition for her gift. A mother consumed with envy, denies her daughter justice against a capital crime. A dyslexic orphan floats through life in the shadow of her aunt and yet hopes to find true love. All these 11 stories explore the complex and conflicting relationships women have with Sin, and the blurring line between vice and virtue in our contemporary times. Poignant and relevant, Vices of Eden reveals the fragments and shades of women’s lives that are constantly filled with fear, passion, desperation and hope.

If you missed the Book Fairs, you can still buy your copy on Amazon, Flipkart or NotionPress. To learn more about what other readers have to say, you can go to the Book Reviews page of this website or click here.

Watch the awesome new 2016 trailer of  Vices of Eden here.